Kitabisa! - #CleanupJKTday - Angela Richardson
#CleanupJKTday - Angela Richardson

#CleanupJKTday - Angela Richardson

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Trash is a global problem and Jakarta produces a staggering 6,700 tonnes of trash a day, a large proportion of which ends up on the streets and in the rivers, which eventually leads to the oceans and into the food cycle.

To try and make people aware of how big the problem of littering and waste is here in Jakarta,Clean Up Jakarta Day was born and gathers communities, schools and companies, all as volunteers through the Indonesian tradition of gotong royong.

This year, Clean Up Jakarta Day will be held on Sunday, October 18th, where an anticipated15,000 volunteers will be picking up rubbish at many locations throughout Jakarta with one united voice.

I will be cleaning up this Clean Up Jakarta Day, but if we reach our target, I pledge to clean up wearing a Plastic Monster costume (which is going to be really, really hot!) and I will perform a very special dance as I clean for thousands of volunteers to watch! It will be silly, yes, but it will also help to raise awareness of the need for a reduction in the use of plastic in our day-to-day lives.



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Please give as little or as much as you can so that Clean Up Jakarta Day can purchase the additional 5,000 pairs of gloves for all their volunteers and continue their School Roadshow to keep educating kids in Jakarta about the 3Rs and how to separate waste at home!

For further information please visit:

Contact Person:
Ratih Nawangwulan
Tel: (+62) 0896 1559 6540
Email: [email protected]

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