Ulang Tahun Mickey untuk Gabriel
Ulang Tahun Mickey untuk Gabriel

Ulang Tahun Mickey untuk Gabriel

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I'm feeling #22

Hello, my name is Mickey. I'm a person who's always excited towards celebrations - new year, graduation, birthday, etc. This month, I'm turning 22 and trying to find a meaningful way to spend my birthday. So, instead of cakes and gifts, I humbly ask you to share some of your blessings for Gabriel.

Who is Gabriel?

I know Gabriel through Komunitas Taufan. Gabriel is a 3 year old boy who suffers from type ALL Leukimia or blood cancer. He originally came from Malang but now his family has moved to Bogor so Gabriel can get the best treatment from RSCM. All the donation raised will be used to help Gabriel's treatment and daily necessities.

A little bit about Komunitas Taufan

Taufan is a community of volunteers who accompanies families and kids with chronic diseases and cancer to give moral and financial support. It was established by Mama Taufan who lost her son due to cancer in 2013.

How to donate:*

1. Click Donasi Sekarang (Donate Now)

2. Input the donation amount**

3. Choose the payment method

*I understand that the whole process is done in Bahasa Indonesia, if you need translation, I'd be happy to help!

**If you're not based in Indonesia, please check the conversion rate online

Hopefully this is not only a birthday gift for me but also for yourself because I believe sharing is the best source of happiness. For further information, feel free to contact me at mickeyjane28@gmail.com or +85265878664 (WA). Thank you!

May you always be happy. xoxo, Mickey

Disclaimer : Informasi dan opini yang tertulis di halaman campaign ini adalah milik campaigner (pihak yang menggalang dana) dan tidak mewakili Kitabisa.
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