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Hi, my name is Namrata, I am from India. I have been in Indonesia for almost four years now.

During my time here, I completely fell in love with slow lorises and began volunteering and conducting research on them. However, it saddens me to know about how lorises are hunted and sold illegally for pet keeping in Indonesia. I have seen how cruelly they are treated in the trade and it is extremely upsetting. In my opinion, just because lorises look cute, it does not mean they need to suffer by living a life shackled by human selfishness.


For this reason, I want to encourage people in Indonesia to help lorises that have fallen victim to hunting and trade and give them a chance to live a better life by providing them the opportunity to be taken back to their original habitat.

If the fundraising is successful, I would run a marathon to express my love and concern for lorises and to celebrate International Day of Forests on 21 March. All the donations will be given to IAR Indonesia to help the on-going loris rescue and release program that they have been undertaking for the past nine years.

I am aware that it is a very difficult process to reintroduce a loris back into the wild, however, I do believe that this blatant torture and trade in lorises can come to an end if we work towards it together.

Run for the lorises, forests for Indonesia!


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