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Mari Bantu Mereka Hidup Layak

Mari Bantu Mereka Hidup Layak

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My name is Untari Sabdiana. I have two main objective in creating this program. My first objective is for you to see and recognize these people. These people are not freaks or zombies, they aren't yet cool enough to be one. They are our neighbor, who desperately need for help. These people once like you too, they get up in the morning to live their life and they probably work as hard as you to make ends meet.

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But suddenly, one morning, their brain started to do the opposite. They no longer have the will to get up in the morning, no matter how hard they tried. They have tried to communicate what they've been through, but to find someone who really understand, is like finding needle among the hay. They slowly lost themselves and they need someone to take care of their bodies while their mind and soul are wandering around.

These wandering souls, which I like to call them, have nothing against us yet sometimes we treat them as if they do not belong here or as if they are invisible.

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Their condition is what brings me to my second objective, which is helping Galuh Foundation, an unofficial non-profit institution that for the past years had been voluntarily helping these people without a single help from the government. So far, Galuh Foundation had taken care of more than 400 patients and the 10% of the patients that are able to recover, usually coming back to the institution to become a volunteer. Galuh Foundation has no money resources, nor a income. They rely only on donations and charity from people. Thus, they cannot maximize their treatments towards the patients. According to Bapak Suhanda, the head of the institution, they need approximately IDR 3 million per day only for food.

Funds that are collected will be directly given to the head of the Institution, Bapak Suhanda in foods and money.

The Buddha once said, "You, yourself, as much as the entire body in the universe, deserve your love and affection". Through this program, we do not need your pity nor sympathy, but we need you to remind them how to love themselves, by living a decent life.

Please kindly open links below for further information regarding Galuh Foundation and the condition of mental illness patients in Indonesia.

Photo Credit are enclosed.

Thank you

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