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Clean Up Jakarta Day

Clean Up Jakarta Day

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To try and make people aware of how big the problem of littering and waste is here in Jakarta, Clean Up Jakarta Day was born and gathers communities, schools and companies, all as volunteers through the Indonesian tradition of gotong royong. This year, Clean Up Jakarta Day will be held on Sunday, October 18th, where an anticipated15,000 volunteers will be picking up rubbish at many locations throughout Jakarta with one united voice.

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#CleanupJKTday - Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis

Hey guys. Help me raise funds for #CleanupJKTday and see me clean up Jakarta wearing a trash monster costume while showing off my special dance moves! Cheers!

#CleanupJKTday - Marissa Anita

Marissa Anita

Bantu saya menggalang dana untuk Clean Up Jakarta Day, dan saya akan bersih-bersih menggunakan kostum Monster Plastik dan memberikan tarian spesial di hari itu.

#CleanupJKTday - Angela Richardson

Angela Richardson

Hi friends! Please help me raise funds for our #CleanupJKTday campaign and you could see me picking up rubbish in a trash monster costume while dancing! :)