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Made In Indoestri

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Made in Indoestri is an ongoing project which facilitated by Indoestri Makerspace in collaboration with as their main partner in crowd-founding platform. The purpose of Made in Indoestri is to encourage members and people who are a part of Indoestri Makerspace to get involved in the crowdfunding community and bring their projects come to life. Indoestri Makerspace aim to give a more valuable credibility to the projects under Made in Indoestri. Made in Indoestri started with three projects that spearheaded by indoestri Makerspace. We want to help facilitating individuals who share the same Self Made spirit along with We started Made in Indoestri on March 28th 2015 during the 2nd Indoestri Day with three projects which is divided by its scale; small project (Vestigium), medium project (Tedoeh Rawa Buaya), and large project (Prefab Housing Concept). From three projects above, Vestigium will be the debut project which will be released soon on Made in Indoestri, and many more to come!

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